“Maximising value through geomechanics”

The Australian Centre for Geomechanics is delighted to host the First Asia Pacific Slope Stability in Mining Conference in Brisbane, Australia, 6–8 September 2016. This inaugural conference will provide a special forum for best practice and state-of-the-art technologies that are targeted to the unique challenges and environs of the Asia Pacific region with respect to pit slope investigations, design, implementation and performance monitoring.

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  • Slope performance
  • Modelling and analysis
  • Practical analysis
  • Design considerations
  • Design and risk management
  • Monitoring slopes and rockfalls
  • Monitoring and risk management
  • Geotechnical data considerations
  • Geotechnical data and design
  • Data and visualisation technologies
  • New methods for analysis and control

5 Sept 2016
6 Sept 2016
7 Sept 2016
8 Sept 2016
9 Sept 2016
ACG Instrumentation and Slope
Monitoring Workshop
First Asia Pacific Slope Stability in Mining Conference
Management of Moving and Unstable Slopes Workshop
Conference Dinner